Oak Class

Welcome to Oak class. The class teacher is Mrs Smitherman and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Saker.

We have a lovely learning environment in the school’s mobile classrooms and are looking forward to exploring our exciting topics this year, based on the challenging National Curriculum. Year 3/4 will also make good use of our wonderful outdoor classroom: the school grounds.

Mrs Smitherman loves teaching all the timetable lessons, but she is particularly passionate about English (inspiring children to read and write with confidence) and History. Mrs Saker does a wonderful job supporting the class in general, as well as working with individual children. She is very artistic and is a great listener if the children wish to share their news or concerns.

Our Autumn term topic is 'How deep can you dig?' We're going to start this topic by researching and making 3-D volcanoes-you can be as technical and creative as you like.
In science, we will be looking at rocks and soils, their composition and uses. In Geography, we'll be learning about the Earth's surface, and what's beneath, including earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. After half term, we will then be learning about how our ancestors lived from Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and how people’s lives differ from ours today. Look out for details about a trip to Butser Ancient Farm!

In RE, we will be finding out about Faith through the Arts and in DT, we'll be making stews and dioramas. Along with all the other exciting events such as Harvest festival, it's going to be a busy and fun term.

As you know, mathematics will be taught in class from September. All children will be following the same National Curriculum guidelines and teachers will monitor the children’s progress continually. The children will receive mathematics homework every week , usually on mymaths.co.uk on a Wednesday as well as spellings.