Music is an intrinsic part of Holy Trinity and you can see it woven into our day to day in many different ways. From hymn practice and church services to Opera Brava and the nativity, we value music as an important tool to help support children's emotional and well-being development as well as the growth of their musical subject knowledge and performance skills. At Holy Trinity, all children sing daily in worship as well as take part in regular whole class music lessons, where they are able to develop their singing and performance skills and learn about pitch, tone and melody.
There are also wider opportunities for children to develop their love of music through music lessons including piano, drums, singing and saxaphone. We also have 2 choir clubs and multiple rocksteady groups. At Holy Trinity, we understand the important of developing a love and understanding of the beauty of music. And so, we have regular support from outside professional agencies to encourage a range of music in school, including Opera Brava, Ensemble Rezza and a range of different music workshops. Our children's passion and love of music can be seen in every year group, from the nativities in KS1 to the Year 4 and 6 productions and the Opera Brava performance in Year 5. Please see below for some examples of our children appreciating, valuing and celebrating all things music!