Elder Class

Welcome to Elder Class!
My name is Mrs Bull and I teach Elder Class on Monday mornings, all day Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. I have been teaching at Holy Trinity for eighteen years now, most of which have been spent in KS1 but I have also taught in year 3 for the past three years.  My favourite subjects to teach are Maths, English, PSHE, PE and Geography. I have a real love of children’s books and really enjoy taking part in a wide range of reading experiences with the children.  Supporting us in the classroom are Mrs Gilsenan, Mrs Walker, Mrs Garry and Granny.  Mrs Scales teaches the class every Monday afternoon during which time I am fulfilling my SLT duties. When I am not at school I enjoy exercising and spending time with my husband and two children, Zack (13) and Freya (10).  I am very involved with my local cricket club and even though I don’t play myself, I completed my Level 1 coaching course earlier this year and am very much enjoying being part of the coaching team.  I also love to travel and particularly enjoy my visits back home to Pembrokeshire in Wales to visit my family as often as possible.
My name is Mrs Hayden and I teach Elder Class on Wednesday afternoons, all day Thursday and all day Friday. Some of my favourite subjects to teach are Art, Music, PE and English. I am passionate about reading and enjoying sharing my love for children’s books with our class. In my spare time I enjoy sports and keeping active. Some of the activities I enjoy are hockey, running and yoga. I also enjoy travelling and exploring when I get the chance. I love spending time with my family which includes my three young children, my husband and our black Labrador Bobby.