Year Three

Welcome to Year 3!
We have two classes - Juniper led by Miss Martin and Lime led by Mrs Stenning. We are delighted to be working with all the children this academic year and cannot wait to deliver an exciting curriculum to the children this year.
In the Autumn term our main topic is recycling, in the Spring we move on to the Stone Age and in the Summer term we cover the Romans.
On this page you will also find the curriculum overview for Year 3 for 2023-2024. Please note this a working document and you may find it updated throughout the year.
Homework comes out on a Wednesday and is due back in on a Monday. We expect all children to complete their homework and if this is not completed they will do so in school within their Year group.
Children will be given their homework and a homework book with copies of any usernames/passwords. Spare copies of homework are available in the classroom and children should ask their class teacher for copies before homework is due in if they have lost it.
If children are struggling with an aspect of their homework they should speak to their class teacher or Learning Support Assistant who can support this in school.
Children will receive maths, spelling/vocabulary and grammar homework and are expected to read at least five times a week and record this in their reading record.
Children will find suggestions of activities to complete for their spelling homework  - spellings can be tricky to learn and trying a variety of different activities can help children to find the best way to learn for them.
In addition we will aim to provide a guide to the grammar taught in Year 3 (as well as some previous learning) to help with understanding of the technical terms.
Children may also be provided with a list of recommended reading for children in Year 3.  A love of reading is a cornerstone to children's learning and finding something that sparks an interest is key to children to enjoys reading.
Timetables are a key part of children's math's learning and we will add a variety of ideas and links to help support your child's learning. By the end of year 4 all children need to know their multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 at speed.