Year 4 news

Oh what a knight - please see the script below!
Please note performance dates are Wednesday 28th February 6pm and Thursday 29th February 6pm. More details to follow!
Autumn Term
Please find attached the Year 4 meeting notes with regards to routines and the curriculum for this year.
We are currently working on podcasts in class and using the software Audacity. This is a free download and can be found here if children would like to try this at home:
Warm Clothing!
Please remember we are keeping classrooms well ventilated and when the temperature drops children will start to feel the cold! Some children (particularly those sitting neat the doors and windows) will be feeling the cold a little more than normal so we are actively encouraging the children to wear some extra layers - if they have any base layers they wear for sport these are ideal to help keep them warmer. PE wherever possible is outside so please make sure they have something like jogging bottoms to wear.
Water bottles
All children MUST bring in a named water bottle to school -  the water fountain remains out of use. We will of course provide children with a drink if they forget it but this generally is not instantly accessible and therefore not ideal for them.
Children should have wellies in school as we like to use the grounds often! Until we get welly racks we encourage children to fit one welly inside another to prevent water getting in... as well as creepy crawlies!
PE Kit
Should be kept in school - ideally a separate kit for after school clubs is useful so that they don't take their PE kit home and then forget to bring it back in. Children's feet grow quickly so please do check their PE footwear still fits!
Please can children have in school the following items:
Pencil case - not too large they MUST be able to fit into a tray and NOT left out.
Blue handwriting pen for editing
Black handwriting pen (even if they do not yet have their pen license we still write in pen for displays and other purposes)
Two HB pencils
Pencil sharpener
Colouring pencils
Glue stick
We do have resources of the above in school but they do run out very quickly! Please label all items clearly.
Please find below the some "The castle of Camelot" which is the song the children who wish to have a solo singing role in our production will need to learn.