Apple Class

Hello and welcome to Apple and Beech!

In Beech class Mrs Lopez is the class teacher and works full time. There are two Teaching Assistants - Mrs Williams on Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Carnet on Thursday and Friday.

In Apple class Mrs Dell works Monday to Wednesday lunch time and Mrs Widdows is there from Wednesday afternoon to Friday. Mrs Dell loves teaching phonics and RE. Mrs Widdows loves reading stories and music. Mrs Milner is the teaching assistant and is full time.

Our first topic is “Who am I and who are you?” The children will be learning about the five senses, parts of the body and what makes us the same and different from each other. This will link into “People who help us” which will include doctors, nurses, vets, fire and police officers etc. Please let us know if you or anybody you know would like to come in to talk to the children about their job.