Curriculum News

Please find details below of the scripts for the speaking part auditions as well as the singing auditions. Auditions will take place on Monday (20th) and Tuesday (21st) next week. 
Speaking Part - Great White
When I was a kid I did pretty well
By relying in my eye and my sense of smell,
And I landed a very important job
As head of the heavy underwater mob.
And when I'm dead, and when I'm gone
Hammerhead you're gonna carry on,
But before you do I'm telling you
Get yourself and education, son.
Get yourself an education, son
If you wanna get to the top.
Learn the knowledge of the sea,
Study your biology.
You've got a good head on your shoulders,
So listen to your betters and olders,
And get yourself an education, son,
If you wanna get to the top.
Speaking part - Orca 
You may call me what you will - 
Killer Whale or Sea Devil,
But I am Master of the sea
And nobody argues with me.
And now without further delay
Let's start the lesson of the day.
Pay attention, don't be slow
There is something you should know.
Communication in the sea
This is my speciality.
Each creature has a different way
Of saying what they want to say.
Crabs and lobsters snap their claws
Tap their feet and grind their jaws.
Certain kinds of fishes speak
With grunts and rumbles, pops and squeaks.
Ocean Commotion
Ocean commotion, catastrophe at sea.
They lay the blame on me.
When there's been a big commotion
Way down underneath the ocean
Everybody lays the blame in me.
Someone drops in for a swim
And hops right out without a limb
And everybody lays the blame on me.
I'm sick of being picked on 
And I'm tired of snide remarks.
I've never heard a pleasant word
About the poor old sharks.
But nothing could be ruder
Than a moody barracuda,
And the starfishes are vicious as can be.
When lobsters are unhappy
They get horrible and snappy,
All the same they always lay the blame on me.
On with the show
My audience is waiting and I hate to let them down
Even though I'm feeling very low.
They've come from miles around to see a great performing clown,
So let's get on with the show.
Just watch me loop the loop and jump through the hoop,
Flip my flippers and flap my fluke.
All the while I will try to smile.
And afterwards the crowd applauds and just before they go
It's one more time around the pool
I'll play the game and at the fool
And that's the end of the show.
Following our curriculum meeting on the 5th September 2017 please find a file with the powerpoint attached with details of the school routine, topics covered and other important information.

Holy Trinity School Reading Challenge!

At Holy Trinity School we recognise that reading is fundamental to learning and it can have a major impact on children and their future. The Department for Education has identified several benefits to reading for pleasure including:


          Improved reading attainment and writing ability;

          Improved text comprehension and grammar;

          Wider breadth of vocabulary;

          Positive reading attitudes;

          Greater self-confidence as a reader;

          Pleasure in reading in later life;

          General knowledge;

          A better understanding of other cultures; and

          Community participation.


In order to encourage our pupils to read quality books we are launching our new Reading Challenge!

Below you will find a recommended reading list for your child’s year group. Lists for all the year groups are available for you to access on the school website if your child has already completed the suggested list or they are too challenging currently (see Curriculum News in each year group).  For those children who are still learning to read, it may be more appropriate for you to read the book with/to them. Once your child has read/shared a book on the list please tick and sign your initials next to it. At the end of the year we will collect them back from you and award certificates and prizes for those who have taken on the challenge.  Please return your list to your class teacher.

We are in the process of ensuring all of these books are in our school or class libraries and marked as recommended reads. You will be able to find lots of them in your local library to borrow at no cost. They would also make great gifts or why not swap with a friend when you have finished a book?


Happy reading!