Year 4 news

Warm Clothing!
Winter is definitely moving in and the temperature has dropped. The heating is on in school but we do keep the windows and doors open to keep as much fresh air circulating as we can as we have been required to do. Some children (particularly those sitting neat the doors and windows) will be feeling the cold a little more than normal so we are actively encouraging the children to wear some extra layers - if they have any base layers they wear for sport these are ideal to help keep them warmer. PE wherever possible is outside so please make sure they have something like jogging bottoms to wear.
Google Classrooms
We are in the process of launching google classrooms with the children - ensuring they can log on and  how they can access work, submit it and receive feedback on it. This is not a quick process initially (getting them all used to logging on and finding their way round) and will take time for them to get used to it but we will be going through this with them!!
The main purpose will be for any children who need to go in to isolation this will allow them to access their learning at home (similar to how work was loaded on to the website before) but in a more accessible and interactive way hopefully!
We tried to find a quick guide for you to watch but so many of the videos seem to be American - if you search for "google classrooms for parents" you should find a few tutorials to talk you through how it works.
Water bottles
All children MUST bring in a named water bottle to school - for hygiene purposes we no longer keep cups in the class room and the water fountain is out of use. We will of course provide children with a drink if they forget it but this generally is not instantly accessible and therefore not ideal for them.
We had a great day on our Explorers Day - thank to everyone for participating, we loved seeing what you all had to bring in and we had great fun exploring our woods!
Year 4
Homework (spellings and maths) is set every Wednesday and is due back in the following Monday. All children are expected to complete their homework.
Spellings are given out and children are expected to complete these neatly in their homework books. The spellings are taught in school and will usually follow a spelling pattern. Children should ensure they understand the meaning of the words and demonstrate these by using them in sentences. They can then alternate this the following week with a different spelling activity which they can pick from  a list that will be stuck into their book. We will also be adding spelling shed as an activity that they can practise their spellings with online.
Spellings are are then assessed the following Monday in the form of a spelling dictation. The children are taught about their spellings on a Thursday.
Maths is set online by MyMaths and all children have their own unique logon. Hardcopies of the homework are available if required and it is the children's responsibility to collect these from the classroom.
In addition children have a logon for TT Rockstars and children are encouraged to use this to help learn and practise their timestables. BY the end of year 4 children are expected to know all their spellings up to 12x12 at speed.
Children also have their reading record. These are personalised so that children know what day these should be brought in to be seen by their class teacher. Children should read at least five times a week and record in this journal and have this initialled by a parent/carer. 
Please note that any homework not completed will need to be completed during a break or lunchtime - in Year 4 we expect the children to learn to organise and prioritise their time.
PE days are Monday (indoor - but currently outdoor for as long as we can!) and Friday (outdoor) but children should have the kit in every day as we sometimes have lessons with a specialist. Any child that wears tights should have a spare pair of socks to change into for PE. They should not wear tights for PE. Children are welcome to bring in jogging bottoms/leggings for outdoor PE for when it is colder.
All children should bring in a named water bottle to keep themselves hydrated during the day with water. We currently cannot provide drinking cups to children.
Children should have their own named pencil case with equipment named individually. They should have an HB pencil, blue pen, ruler, rubber, sharpener and glue stick. They should also have a black pen if they have their pen license. Handwriting takes place during the week and we encourage children to continue to practise their handwriting so that all children have gained their license by the end of the year. 
Please ensure all uniform (including coats) are clearly labelled so they can be returned to you.
Please find a copy of the presentation that would have been shared with you at the Meet the Teacher we would normally have at the start of term. This should answer most of your questions! 
Remember Friday is Explorers Day (weather permitting)! We appreciate it is also Jeans for Genes day so children can opt to wear jeans on their lower half if they wish with the explorers outfit on the top half if they prefer.

We will be investigating some clues from around our grounds, including the woods, so children should be in suitable clothing for the day. This includes suitable footwear - ideally they need footwear to change in to afterwards in case they get muddy. Alternatively, if children have wellies in school they can change into these for the outdoor part.


In addition to looking like an explorer, we would like each child to bring an explorers kit with them. This just needs to be a small backpack with three items in that they would take on an expedition with them that they would find useful (due to current restrictions no soft toys please). Please could we ask that if your child wishes to pack an item such as a pen knife that you include a photo rather than the actual item for safety reasons.