Hawthorn Class

Welcome to Hawthorn Class

My name is Mrs. Dobson and I teach in Hawthorn Class.

We have 2 Learning Support Assistants who work in Hawthorn class. Mrs. Denyer works on Monday mornings and Mrs. Punt on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

Our topic for the Autumn term involves focusing on these Power of Reading books-'The Emperor's Egg' by Martin Jenkins and in the second half term ‘The Last Wolf’ by Mini Grey. During the term, we will be enjoying reading and writing information facts about penguins and Antarctica, writing stories and diary entries inspired by our Power of Reading books and listening to and creating our own poetry; in science, we will be learning about ‘Animals and Their Habitats’. We will learn which animals live in each different habitat in our school grounds and how they are adapted to surviving there. We will begin to understand simple food chains and how animals affect each other.

Our topic for the Spring term involves focusing on these Power of Reading books-'The Lonely Beast' by Chris Judge. In the second half term we will be learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’ and focusing on the story ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’. During the term we will be story writing using a beginning, middle and ending. We will enjoy using drama and role play using the main character from our story book. The children will be writing diary entries for the lonely Beast. We will be composing our own poetry and writing a newspaper article. There will be lots of opportunities for information writing using our facts from the Great Fire of London. In science, we will be focusing on ‘Materials.’


Our topic for the Summer term involves focusing on the Power of Reading book-'Grace and Family’ by Mary Hoffman and in the second half term a selection of Roald Dahl books including ‘James and the Giant Peach’.