Maple Class

Welcome to Maple class.
In Maple class, Miss Rap is the class teacher along with Mrs Henderson who is the L.S.A. We also have Mrs Garry working in class with us and Mrs Eades regularly works with the children in across the year. In her spare time, Miss Rap likes to read books and go on long walks/ hikes with her family. Her favourite subjects to teach are Maths and Art but loves any opportunity to be creative with her class. 
Miss Rap and Mrs Henderson are looking forward to being in Maple classroom this year because it has bright lights and big windows looking out onto the fields. They are also both excited for the Power of Reading text 'Beowulf' and learning about the Anglo Saxons in history!
Maple have P.E on Monday and Friday so please remember your P.E kits on these days. Wellies are kept outside the classroom for outdoor learning opportunities. Homework will go out on Wednesdays and is due back on Mondays.