General Policies

The school maintains many school policies - some of which are statutory others which help to inform and improve our practices and procedures at Holy Trinity School.  Policies are reviewed by the staff, senior leadership team and the Governing Body, in light of changes in legislation and whole school priorities.
Complaints - Parents wishing to make a complaint should look at the Complaints Policy and the SEND Policy.

Financial Transparency - The Government now require schools to identify how many of the teaching staff take a salary of over £100,000 - information for Holy Trinity School, Cuckfield, is as follows:

Gross Salary Number of Employees
£100,000 - £110,000 0
£110,000 - £120,000 0
£120,000 - £130,000 0
£130,000 - £140,000 0
£140,000 - £150,000 0


Financial Benchmarking - Click on the link below to access the school's financial benchmarking webpage.

All current regulations and recommendations from DfE, PHE and WSCC concerning COVID-19 in schools, now apply to the policies of Holy Trinity School as appropriate, and will be reviewed as required.
Our policies are reviewed in line with the school's values and Christian ethos:

Learning together with God’s love



We aspire to be a happy, confident and caring community where children are motivated to achieve their full potential in a supportive learning environment, underpinned by a strong Christian ethos.



We asked the children to explain our school values in their words:

Perseverance - Determination is important and if something is challenging, we need to try, try and try again. Remember to say to yourself “You can’t do or understand something yet, but just keep going and you will, with God’s help!”

Aspiration – We always reach for the stars and aim for our goals.  We challenge ourselves and always aspire to be the very best we can be. A positive attitude makes good things happen for us.

Respect We treat other people the way we would like to be treated. We respect everyone in our school regardless of who they are and where they have come from. Everyone is included in our school and is an important part of our school.

Teamwork - There’s no “I” in a team! If we work together, we can achieve more and more. When we are a whole school team we are like the glue that sticks us together and that makes us stronger.


1 John 4: 16: 'God is love and those who live in love live in God, and God lives in them'.


Paper copies are available on request of all the school's policies.  Below are some of our key policies.
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