Help With E-Safety
Many adults can find it difficult to advise their children on how to stay safe on the Internet and when using mobile phones. Chat rooms, Facebook and MSN are all attractive and familiar to young people but they often lack the maturity to recognise that feeling safe is not the same as being safe. Holy Trinity School has linked some useful resources for adults and children to its website.

The SMART Rules
Holy Trinity Primary School encourages students to follow the SMART rules, which are recommended by Childline International and KIDSmart.

We encourage all adults with a responsibility for the care of young people to support these rules. You can learn about the SMART rules by accessing the “Know It All” resource below where we have also included a copy of the SMART rules.

We can help
If you need further help on matters concerning your child’s safety online, or are concerned about your child’s use of information technology, then we are always willing to offer support.

We look forward to working with you to keep your child safe and responsible in their use of information technology

Questions for parents and carers to consider

Does my child:

a. Use the SMART rules?

b. Know where to go for help if they need it?

c. Know how to report bullying, threats or unwanted attention from adults and peers.

d. Use safe privacy settings on social networking sites like Facebook?

e. Keep personal information private?

f. Know what counts as personal information?

g. Know the difference between private and public space?

h. Keep personal, intimate or embarrassing images and messages off the Internet?

i. Allow other people to take personal information and images from them?

j. Know that what they put out on the Internet can come back to embarrass or harm them later in adult life?

k. Know that some adults use the Internet to pursue an inappropriate and predatory interest in children?

l. Have a healthy balance of Internet or gaming time with sleep, exercise and face to face social interaction with friends?

Where to find useful information:

1. The “Know It All” interactive resource is available at:


2. The KidSMART website is a useful resource for parents and young people:


3. Childnet International provide useful information and advice: