Forest School

What is Forest School?

Forest school is an opportunity for children to experience nature and the outdoors on a regular basis, all year round. They will see the changes that the seasons bring, learn about their local environment – the trees, flowers and wildlife that make it their home and learn to respect the world around them. 

They will be able to play with mud, sticks, jump in puddles, climb trees and develop skills and confidence. Sometimes they will get wet, sometimes they will get muddy, sometimes they may get cold but they will also very definitely have fun, be free to explore and use their imagination.

Forest School sessions run  at Holy Trinity Primary School for all year groups, as part of the school curriculum. This initiative has been kindly funded by the PTA. Sessions will run throughout the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms. Each class will experience one session each term. We are planning an exciting range of activities specific to each year group.

Information for Forest School:

What to wear in winter (layers, layers and more layers)

  •          Thermal layers (long sleeve top and long trousers/tights)
  •          Long sleeve top and jogging trousers/leggings (please NO jeans as they are very cold).
  •          Jumper or sweatshirt or fleece hoodie on very cold days
  •          Waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers
  •          2 pair of socks (one pair of normal socks and one pair of thick socks on top
  •          Wellies/outdoor boots
  •          Warm hat
  •          Waterproof gloves
  •          Scarf