School Meals and Learning Support

In Reception and Key Stage 1 - years R, 1 & 2:

With the introduction of Universal Infant Free School Meals, every child in Reception, years 1 and 2 are entitled to a free school meal following a change in government policy and statutory requirement from 1st September 2014.  Parents/carers should book their choice of meal for their child via their own Parentpay login account a full week in advance, a balance of 'zero' should appear on completion of the transactions.  Usernames and passwords are generated via the school office.  If there are any queries or concerns regarding booking please contact Parentpay via email on

Parents/carers can choose their child's menu for each day from the excellent choices of main meal, vegetarian, jacket potatoes which all come with vegetables, choice of salad and fresh bread every day.  Special menus should be organised directly with the menu developers and chefs at Harrisons to support any diagnosed food allergies that your child may have.  Alternatively, you can send your child in with a packed lunch but please remember 'NO NUTS'.

Very Important: If you believe you may be entitled to funded support due to your financial circumstances, please complete the form below as event though you child is entitled to universail Infant free school meals in KS1 - the school will still receive extra funding to support your child in other areas..

In Key Stage 2 - years 3, 4, 5 & 6:

Children have a choice, on a daily basis in Key Stage 2, of having a school dinner or bringing a healthy packed lunch. 

You can purchase a primary school meal for your child through your individual Parentpay login account - username and password available via the school office.  The order should be made online, a week in advance, for the whole week's choices.

The school has a full production kitchen - one of only a few in the Local Authority - and so the on-site provision is hot meals every day cooked by our own chef and kitchen assistants through Harrisons Caterers.

Free School Meals and Learning and Pupil Support

You may already have heard about the Pupil Premium. This is an additional grant to schools that is decided upon according to the number of pupils who are eligible and approved for Free School Meals. It will mean an additional fund for pupils in our school to support learning.  Plus your child will be entitled to a free after-school club place each term and possible support with funding for school trips, if required.

Even if your child prefers to have a packed lunch / gets Universal Infant free school meals, your application will benefit the school and your child, so please complete and send off the attached form if your child is eligible.

We are asking all our parents to apply for Free School Meals/Pupil Support if they think they might be eligible. Free School Meals (FSM) can be made available to families and carers who earn less than £16,190 or/and receive a benefit such as: income support, income based job seekers allowance, income related employment support, the guarantee element of State Pension Credit, evidence of support under the Immigration and Asylum Act, Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credit “Run on”.  If you apply and are successful your child does not have to have a school dinner if they’d rather not. However, it will mean that more money comes into school that your child and other children will benefit from.

You can download the Application form here or contact the office at any time.  Completed forms must be sent directly to West Sussex County Council - the address can be found at the bottom of the application form.  More information is available on the West Sussex website.

Alternatively our office staff will be happy to help you with this confidential application process. They can be contacted on 01444 454295 or via email at or drop into the office when convenient.

Thank you very much for your support for our school.