What Do Children and Parents/Carers Say About our Provision?

What Do Parents/Carers Think and Say About SEND Provision?

‘A great deal of patience and tuition has been given to my child on a one to one basis, with good communication to me, the parent.’


‘Meetings are led in a friendly, informative and clear manner.’


‘My child has improved with her special needs, and with all the SEN team’s support, is ready for the transition to Secondary School.’


‘My child has improved very much – he has grown in confidence, his reading skills have developed and his attitude to learning is also much improved.’


‘He’s a lot calmer and thinks before getting angry. A big thank you for all your help. He really enjoyed his sessions with you.’


‘She has gained confidence, enjoyed talking and has bonded with her sister over the shared experience of mentoring.’


‘Sessions enabled increased confidence in engagement with school-based adults.’


‘He has spoken so enthusiastically of his time with you. He is sad not to see you on a regular basis now, but is reassured to know that you are there if he needs to talk to someone. THANK YOU!’


‘She’s now able to work to the level of her ability. Thank you very much for the support.’


And What Do Children Say?

‘I am more confident in learning.’


‘It has helped me to find solutions to making friends and has built up my self-confidence.’


‘I think before I get angry.’


‘It’s helped with my behaviour.’


‘I tell others how I feel.’


‘It’s given me confidence to deal with things.’


‘I have learnt to try, try again.’


‘It’s fun learning’


‘I feel excited.  I want to do it’.