Hurst Educational Trust

Proposal for Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School to join the Hurst Education Trust (HET)

The Governors at Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School are always looking for further opportunities to fulfil our vision, to enable our children to flourish and prepare them for the next stage in their learning journey, socially, emotionally, academically, morally and spiritually.

In March 2022, the government published a white paper which stated all schools were required to join a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) by the end of 2030, As a result the Governors and the Senior Leadership team began to explore options for our school in conversations with both the Diocese of Chichester and other local partners. As a Church of England Voluntary Aided school, Holy Trinity may only join a MAT, which upholds and supports its Church of England Foundation and Christian distinctiveness. We are also now the only school in the Haywards Heath locality, who is not part of a MAT.

While the government has now withdrawn the immediate need to academise, the future direction for all schools is towards academisation, with the Local Authority having less capacity to support the maintained schools in West Sussex. After much research and investigation, the Governors felt that being part of a Multi Academy Trust that matches our ethos and the ambition we have for our children, would mean that our school could provide even more opportunities and improve outcomes for everyone.

In arriving at this conclusion, we have had discussions with the MATs, which are available to us over several months. We have had meetings, presentations, governor meetings, visited some schools, who have already gone down this route, had discussions with their headteachers and also with their governors.

Throughout the process, Hurst Education Trust (HET) consistently demonstrated that they would support our ambitions for our school, providing resources, opportunities and the backing that would not otherwise be available if we remain part of West Sussex County Council. The strong team of professionals at HET would also work with us in securing even better experiences and outcomes for our children, all without losing our unique identity and our characteristics, which makes our school special.

Our proposal now is to establish a formal partnership achieved through the school converting to an academy within the Hurst Education Trust. This Trust has been established as a partnership between the Diocese of Chichester and Hurstpierpoint College. It is a Diocesan academy trust, co-sponsored by the Diocese of Chichester.

Attached is a letter sent to Parents and carers in September 2023