Beech Class

Hello and welcome to Apple and Beech!

In Beech class Mrs Lopez is the class teacher and works full time. There are two Teaching Assistants - Mrs Williams works Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Carnet on Thursday and Friday. Mrs Lopez enjoys teaching PE and Art. Mrs Williams enjoys reading stories and making sure all the children are happy. Mrs Carnet enjoys dancing and anything to do with animals. 

In Apple class Mrs Dell works Monday to Wednesday lunch time and Mrs Widdows is there from Wednesday afternoon to Friday. Mrs Dell loves teaching phonics and RE. Mrs Widdows loves reading stories and music. Mrs Carnet works in Apple class on a Monday. Mrs Barker works in Apple class from Tuesday to Friday, she loves spending time with her family and keeping herself active. 

Our first topic is called "All about me." We love to find out about the families and interests of all the children. We use books, topics and the children's interests to tailor our teaching and learning for the rest of the year. The children spend lots of time choosing their own learning, this can be inside; building with Duplo, drawing pictures, completing a puzzle or making a creation with the junk modelling. Or they may choose to take their learning outside; playing in the sandpit, riding on the scooters, dressing up or playing in the small world area.