Locality SEND Provision - ASCEND Hub

ASCEND Special Educational Needs Hub for Our Locality of Schools

Holy Trinity School is a partner school of the Special Educational Needs Hub, which is providing support and advice for schools, parents and carers regarding children with additional needs. This is a Haywards Heath Area locality project, working in partnership with all schools, WSCC and outside agencies.

ASCEND organises parent/carer forums, which are currently organised termly.  These provide an opportunity for locality school parents/carers of children with SEN to meet one another and to find out about some of the services and charities that are there to support these families.  There are also regular newsletter to parents/carers to provide additional information and support. 

ASCEND also organise staff training events, linked closely to what school staff are telling us they need. In addition, the hub has set up a pilot ‘Professionals Project’. Three professionals have been employed to specifically target the areas of most need within the 20 schools that form our locality. Cuts at Local Authority level have meant that accessing professionals has been more difficult in recent times, and so we hope that this project will begin to fill some of the gaps that schools are experiencing. Currently these professionals are a Speech and Language Therapist (working primarily with children with lower level needs in Year 1), a Primary Mental Health Worker (working primarily with Year 6 children, to assist smooth transition to secondary school) and a Play Therapist (working with higher level emotional needs in upper key stage 2). We hope to extend this project in the future. These specialists may be working with children within our school at different times during the year. This is all part of our aim to identify potential issues at an early stage, in an attempt to prevent issues from growing.

Thank you to Blackthorns Primary School, the lead school for the ASCEND hub, and to the project lead, Karen Crockford, our locality Business Manager.   

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