Learning help

We would like children to regularly practise their times tables. In June the children are required to sit the government times table assessment  which will test all tables up to 12 x 12. They need to be able to do this for all timetables at speed, in any order and with the division facts. 
We practise these regularly at school but practising at home will help build confidence and speed.
There are a number of games and apps to help support children with this as well as many songs that can be sung as well to help remember.
On MyMaths if you select from the library select number/multiplication and division and then there are a number of resources connected to timetables.
Spelling can be an area of learning that children my have to work hard at and sadly the English languages is very complicated with many many rules - of which there always then exceptions too!
A multisensory approach in learning spellings is good place to start and attached are some of the different activities they can try. In addition there are some games and apps around - but there is yet to be a "silver bullet"!
Grammar is progressive through primary school and children are introduced from early on the correct terminology for grammar. It is therefore important that children are not only learning the grammar for year 4 but can remember the technical words from previous years as the knowledge builds year on year.